Starter Motor NAPA NSM1297


Starter Motor For LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER EVOQUE NAPA NSM1297 Replaces SS910,30243N,VTZSTM565,RTKSTM565,STM565,DRS0137,LR014060,J5210803,DRS0137,CS1579,LRS02766,25-4439,910137,DSN1208,4280006910,4280004851,4280004850,CST40267,115725,0986025700,NEX1087,AEX1087Why Replace? The lifespan of starter motor depends heavily on the conditions and climate they are working in. The cranking system of a vehicle gets put under extreme pressure during winter months, resulting in increased demand. Starter motors have to work hard due to falling temperatures overnight reducing the available cranking power from the battery. Additionally, the wet and salty road conditions corrode the parts and result in loose or broken connections. Although starter motors are designed to cope with the above conditions, any weaknesses are more apparent in winter. Product Quality All products are built to meet or exceed OE specifications, this ensures the replacement part will be able to tolerate a large amount of stress from challenging weather conditions. NAPA Starter Motors are built, tested and validated to meet or exceed industry standards. They also undergo an end-of-line functionality test. This ensures the quality and reliability of the NAPA products supplied to customers is extremely high.

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